KCBT volume breaks records in November

by World Grain Staff
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KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, U.S. — During the month of November, the Kansas City Board of Trade (KCBT) HRW wheat futures contract and the exchange as a whole broke all previous November monthly volume records, the KCBT said on Dec. 3.  
The previous record for HRW wheat futures was 602,081 contracts in 2010. The previous record for total exchange volume was 624,481 contracts, also in 2010. Increased volume was attributed to the roll of December positions into outer months and weather-related factors in the marketplace, according to traders.
HRW wheat futures volume increased by 91.3% during the month of November over October, with 633,396 contracts traded this month compared to 331,019 traded last month. HRW wheat options traded 10,857 contracts this month versus 5,670 contracts last month, showing an increase of 91.3%.
Total exchange volume increased by 91.3% for the month of November versus October, trading 644,253 in November versus 336,689 in October.
HRW wheat futures open interest climbed 24.1% over last year, with 166,733 contracts outstanding at the end of the month versus 134,399 contracts at the end of November 2011.
HRW wheat options open interest increased 31.6% during November over last November with 15,392 contracts outstanding at the end of the month versus 11,695 contracts at the end of November 2011.