Pan-American grain, oilseed conference May 15-17

by World Grain Staff
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MIAMI, FLORIDA, U.S. — The Pan-American Grain and Oilseed Conference is planned May 15-17 at the JW Marriott Hotel Miami, Miami, Florida, U.S.

The event is sponsored by the CME Group and Informa Economics. Attendees will learn how risk managers, buyers, traders and investors can gain a competitive edge in the dynamic agricultural commodities marketplace.

The Pan-American Grain and Oilseed Conference, which reflects the growth and importance of the combined North, Central and South American agricultural markets, will provide opportunities to learn market fundamentals as well as the latest trends, practices and industry perspectives, organizers said.

“The volatility and uncertainty in the global agricultural markets demand diligent, efficient risk management, requiring firms in the food and agribusiness industry to make use of all of the tools available to manage price risk exposure,” they said. 

The conference will be offered in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The event is ideal for food and ingredient professionals, including purchasing, finance and senior management; feed or ethanol industry participants; those who need to keep abreast of global developments and the impact on agricultural markets; anyone who wants to learn latest trends in grain and oilseed risk management; and institutional investors seeking information on fundamental agricultural market drivers. 

The keynote speaker is Daniel Glickman, former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. Other speakers include: Evelyn Browning-Garriss, The Browning Newsletter; Chris Eggerman, Informa Economics; Elizabeth L. Hund, US Bank; Richard Jelinek, CME Group; Michael McCully, The McCully Group; Erik R. Peterson, A.T. Kearney and Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS); Marco B. Sampaio, JBS SA; Bruce Scherr, Informa Economics; Tom Scott, Informa Economics; Timothy Statts, Summit Energy; and Hongwei Zhang, JGG America Inc., Jilin Grain Group.

The program will include introductory level concepts of risk; world macroeconomic outlook; insights from institutional investors and industry experts; energy outlooks; the global impact of the 2012 drought; agricultural hedging for Latin America; and perspectives on China and the implications for the global agricultural markets.

The current agenda is available at

Cost is $900 for the first attendee and $800 for two or more members of the same firm. Seating is limited and registration ends May 6. 

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