Slideshow: Supplier innovations and news

by Rebekah Schouten
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Steviva offers sweeteners with reduced particle sizes

Steviva Ingredients, Portland, Ore., is offering reduced particle sizes for its line of powdered sweeteners. The smaller sizes are intended to help manufacturers reduce the costs of research and development associated with creating food and beverages containing natural sweeteners.

“Having the right particle size affects food and beverage processing methods that require precision, such as tempering chocolate,” said Thom King, president and chief executive officer of Steviva Ingredients. “We are now able to offer our customers sweeteners and custom blends in particle sizes ranging from 30 mesh to as high as 230 mesh.”

Steviva Ingredients’ new technology also allows the company to customize particle shape as well.

“By being able to control not only particle size but also shape will be a game changer for those working with beverages requiring instant dissolvability, uncooked processes such as meringues and confections, as well as glazes and coatings on bars and cereals,” Mr. King said.

Steviva Ingredients, to showcase its capabilities with shapes and sizes, has introduced ErySweet+ Ultra, an ultra-fine mesh erythritol and stevia blend. Because of its tempering benefits, ErySweet+ Ultra is designed for chocolate. It folds into any cold or hot process and has heat tolerance past 250° Fahrenheit. ErySweet+ Ultra may be used for making frostings, fillings, fondants or coatings.

Reduced particle sizes also are available for such other powdered Steviva Ingredients’ lines as CocoSweet+, Fructevia, MonkSweet+, SteviaSweet RA98 and XeroSweet+. 

Puratos unveils innovation in compound coatings

Puratos, a Belgium-based supplier of bakery, patisserie and chocolate products, has introduced premium compound coatings made with 100% sustainable cocoa powder.

In 2012, Puratos started to use sustainable palm oil, certified by the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil, in its compound products (branded Carat). Now Puratos has added the benefit of a sustainable cocoa powder from its Cacao-Trace program.

Carat is Puratos’ premium line of hard and soft compound coatings and chips offering a variety of chocolate manufacturing solutions. In addition Puratos offers a select range of fillings and flavoring pastes.

Premium Ingredients launches line of dairy beverage stabilizers

Premium Ingredients, a Spain-based wholly-owned subsidiary of the Blendhub Corp. group, is introducing a range of stabilizers for acidified dairy beverages based on soy-polysaccharide fiber. The products are an alternative to pectin-based stabilizers, offering more versatility when creating new textures and improved functionality, cost and availability.

The three stabilizers — Premigum XLB-15032, Premigum XLB-16022 and Premigum XLB-16023 — allow beverage companies to create new products with a lighter texture than traditional solutions based on pectin or C.M.C. The soy-polysaccharide fiber also may be combined with low doses of pectin to offer greater stability at a fraction of the cost.

Givaudan celebrates citrus with new global flavor collection

Givaudan, based in Switzerland, is introducing a flavor collection inspired by the diversity and cultural importance of citrus around the world, according to the company.

Some of the flavors include Valentine Pummelo from California, Sakurajima Mikan Mandarin from Japan, Kumquat Meiwa from China, Sanguinelli Blood Orange from Spain, and Perão Sweet Orange from Brazil.

SternMaid America upgrades warehouse

Aurora, Ill.-based SternMaid America, sister company of Wittenburg, Germany-based SternMaid, has invested approximately $100,000 in modernizing its warehouse in Aurora, including adding new racks that have increased storage capacity fivefold to a total of 1,500 pallet spaces and installing barcode scanning equipment for computer-aided real-time tracking of goods in storage and processing via an enterprise resource planning system.

“To reduce costs as well as carbon emissions, many of our customers are dispensing with unnecessary shipping of goods and are instead supplying their own customers with raw materials, intermediates and finished products directly from our warehouse,” said Jan Thoele, executive vice-president of SternMaid America. “We have therefore enlarged our storage capacity and installed a modern scanning system that enables reliable and fast identification of goods.”

SternMaid opened its first U.S. production facility in 2014 in Aurora. The plant offers contract manufacturing services for compounding powdered substances, in particular food supplements.

Former Ajinomoto executive joins PLT

Steve Fink has been named director of marketing for PLT Health Solutions, Inc., bringing over a decade of marketing, product development and commercialization experience.

Most recently, Mr. Fink was the global marketing business manager for Ajinomoto North America. Prior to Ajinomoto, Mr. Fink spent 10 years directing marketing and product development efforts in consumer products companies engaged in early learning, youth-targeted products and specialty paper products. Earlier in his career, he practiced law as a patent, trademark, copyright and intellectual property attorney.

“In today’s environment, strategic marketing is an essential capability — not only for the development and launch of relevant, market-ready ingredients, but also as a way to engage customers in leveraging those ingredient solutions to power winning consumer brands,” said Devin Stagg, vice-president of corporate strategy at PLT. “Steve Fink brings a strong background in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing, along with a track record in health and wellness marketing to his new role at PLT. We’re excited at the opportunity we have with Steve driving innovation in the marketing arena for PLT moving forward.”