VIGAN Engineering S.A.

by World Grain Staff
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VIGAN Engineering S.A. is a supplier of port equipment, working with customers from initial concept development to final completion and after-sale service with more than 1,200 references of ship loaders and unloaders all over the world.

VIGAN designs and manufactures dry agri bulk materials handling systems mainly:

  • Mobile portable pneumatic conveyors (also called vacuum pumps) ranging from 100 to 250 tph capacity;
  • Pneumatic continuous barge and ship unloaders, from 160 to 800 tph;
  • Mechanical continuous ship unloaders for vessels up to post-Panamax up to 1,500 tph;
  • Mechanical loaders for any size of ships up to 1,500 tph.

    VIGAN’s expertise also includes complete turnkey project management for port terminals including storage facilities and bagging operations.

    VIGAN’s design and engineering department, manufacturing workshops and administrative offices are located in Belgium (Brussels area).

    The main products handled are grains and oilseeds, raw materials for animal feeding and products such as alumina, soda ash, certain chemicals, some delicate products such as malt or cocoa beans, and wood pellets.

    As the sealed capture system prevents dust, spillage and contamination, VIGAN equipment is very environment friendly. Up-to-date technologies allow minimum maintenance and operational costs.

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VIGAN Engineering S.A.
Rue Industrie, 16 1400 NIVELLES, Belgium
Tel: + 32 67 89 50 41 Fax: + 32 67 89 50 60
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