Ugur Makina

by World Grain Staff
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Ugur Makina has 59 years of experience in producing flour, semolina, feed, rice, salt, pasta lines and constructing sugar refinery projects, steel construction, steel silo and turn-key facilities. The company serves customers from more than 60 countries.

Ugur Makina offers flour mills, semolina mills, animal feed plants, rice processing plants, salt processing plants, pasta lines, sugar processing plants, corn mills, steel silos, transporting equipment, raw materials, product storage silos, electric and PVC automation systems, weighing, dozing, blending machinery and equipment, bagging and packaging machinery, laboratory equipment and spare parts, steel construction structures, accessories such as grinding benches, fire extinguisher systems and more.

The company offers technology know-how, engineering and diagram application, processing plant construction and start-up, education in various fields, after-sale services, a guarantee of spare part supply, flowsheets, general layouts and complete construction drawing, steel construction and reinforced concrete construction drawing, and a project and development department.

In addition, the company is moving to a 72,000-square-meter production facility, which is being constructed in two phases in 2015 and 2016.


Ugur Makina
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