TORNUM AB, located in Sweden, offers complete solutions for drying, storage and conditioning of grain for new plants and expansions of existing facilities. TORNUM strives to deliver professional customer guidance to construct and build the best system for their operations. It serves customers through its office in Sweden and subsidiaries and representatives in more than 25 countries worldwide.

TORNUM’s new BIG continuous dryers offer the agricultural industry new levels of performance. The largest version of the BIG dryer can dry grain at up to 300 tph. The BIG dryers are not just big in terms of capacity. The physical size is also impressive – up to 16 meters wide and 25 meters high, they are three times larger than TORNUM’s current largest dryers. This also results in an increased holding capacity of up to 540 cubic meters. The BIG dryers can be used with any type of grain and can be supplied with TORNUM’s highly efficient clean air control fans.

The TORNUM IDC, Intelligent Dryer Control, is a new and unique concept offering precise control throughout the drying process, utilizing real-time in-line monitoring of all drying parameters, including graphic presentation of important information, statistics and alarm functions.

In the heat recovery (HR) dryers, TORNUM has reduced the energy consumption by up to 30%. This will reduce the cost for energy when drying all types of crops.


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