Tornum AB

by World Grain Staff
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TORNUM develops and manufactures tailor-made solutions for grain industries and farms, ranging from individual products to turnkey projects all over the world. Its core business has been drying technology, but through the years the company has added extensive competence in cleaning, aspiration, storage and transportation of grain. Including specialist services in areas such as project management, monitoring and assembly, TORNUM has become one of Europe’s leading suppliers of complete turnkey grain facilities.

TORNUM grain dryers are the result of decades of experience and constant technological development. Its solutions guarantee efficient and safe grain handling and consistently high quality of the final product. Closely spaced laterals, smooth interior surfaces, flexible modular systems and innovations that reduce energy consumption — makes TORNUM grain dryers a safe and secure investment for the agriculture and grain industry. TORNUM continuous dryer TK is designed to provide thermal economy and gentle drying of the grain.

TORNUM’s products are designed and manufactured using the latest technology to minimize environmental impact.


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53530 Kvanum, Sweden
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