Taixing Xiqiao Roller Factory

by World Grain Staff
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Founded in 1995, Taixing Xiqiao Roller Factory is located in Taixing, Jiangsu Province, China, beside the Yangtze River with easy access to highways and airports.

Its products are widely used in roller mills and flaking mills for grain flour milling, breakfast cereal processing, feed milling, edible oil extraction, chocolate refining, malt crushing and more. Rolls are available in a variety of sizes and customized specifications.

Taixing Xiqiao is continuously investing in its manufacturing equipment, R&D capabilities and its people. In 2004, the company developed vanadium and titanium alloy rolls. The performance results and feedback from customers showed the products can improve energy consumption, lower maintenance cost and retain higher production yield and quality.

In 2013, Taixing Xiqiao Roller Factory, Bühler China and Henan University of Technology jointly drafted a Chinese national standard for rolls used in roller mills in grain milling and oilseeds processing industries.

Taixing Xiqiao Roller Factory
Zhangqiao Town, Taixing, Jiangsu, China
Tel: +1 416-986-8680
Fax: +86 523-8756-1153
E-mail: xiqiaorolls@gmail.com
Internet: www.xiqiaoroll.com