Sukup Manufacturing Company

by World Grain Staff
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Sukup Manufacturing Company, Sheffield, Iowa, U.S., is a family-owned, full-line grain drying, handling and storage equipment manufacturer, serving the grain industry since 1963. The company manufactures non-stiffened and stiffened grain bins for on-farm storage as well as commercial operations. Sukup bin sizes range from 15-feet-in-diameter, three-ring farm bins to 156-feet-in-diameter, 22-ring commercial bins. Sukup commercial bins are available with 5,000; 15,000; 30,000 or 50,000-pound roofs.

Sukup also manufactures single and multiple module grain dryers and tower dryers. Sukup grain dryers feature the patented Quad Metering Roll System, which prevents overdrying and ensures more consistent moisture content. Sukup stacked dryers also feature the patented Grain Cross-Over System, which reduces variation in moisture content between the inner and outer portions of the columns as well as between the two sides of the dryer. Sukup tower dryers have capacities up to 7,000 bph. Computerized controls make Sukup Tower Dryers easy to operate and top-quality components ensure long life.

The Sukup line of products also includes bucket elevators, drag conveyors, loop systems, centrifugal and axial fans, bin floors and supports, stirring machines and unloading equipment.

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