Sioux Steel Company

by World Grain Staff
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Sioux Steel Company

Founded in 1918, Sioux Steel Company is now in its fourth generation as a family-owned company. Sioux Steel offers a full range of grain handling equipment including silos, sweeps, dryers and fans. Sioux Steel is a leading manufacturer of grain systems for farm and commercial use.

Sioux Steel is redefining grain storage with state-of-the-art solutions. The commercial silos are engineered to store grains weighing up to 70 lbs./bushel and roof structures are designed for up to 50,000 lbs. of peak load. G115 galvanized steel is standard on all Sioux Steel silos.

The Daay Bin Paddle Sweep is designed to be fully submersed in grain and can unbury itself from a grain avalanche. The sweep is engineered to the most current specifications in the industry. It has no dangerous augers and simply moves the grain with flexible rubber paddles.

Pro•Tec Engineered Buildings, a division of Sioux Steel Company, produces buildings that offer large capacity economical grain storage to protect your crops and equipment. The Sentry Series is the latest line of buildings that focus on maximizing features and benefits.

Sentry Buildings are constructed using all high strength steel and are available in widths from 40 feet up to 180 feet. Pro•Tec announced its newest innovation, the Grain Shield, which makes it possible to store over 30% more grain.

Sioux Steel Company

196 1/2 E. 6th Street

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, U.S. 57104

Tel: 1.605.336.1750

Fax: 1.605.357.8597