Seedburo Equipment Company

by World Grain Staff
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As a world leader in grading, testing and handling equipment for the grain, seed and feed industries, Seedburo has prided itself on providing quality, state-of-the-art equipment. Founded in 1912, Seedburo quickly became one of the largest distributors of ag-related equipment in the U.S. Seedburo first began exporting equipment worldwide in 1940 through an extensive network of international sales personnel. In 1983, Seedburo was presented with the prestigious “President’s E Award” for excellence in exporting.

Specific acquisitions and arrangements have allowed Seedburo to exclusively distribute many lines of equipment to the agricultural industries. Some of these products are the Vac-A-Sample Pneumatic Sampling Systems, Seedburo Grain Sampling Probes and Grain Sample Dividers, Seedburo Pellet Durability Tester, Count-A-Pak Seed Counters, Burrows Moisture Testers, Seedburo Computer Grain Scales, Ohaus Grain Grading Scales, S/J Grading Inspection Viewers and Inspection Stations, Seedburo Germinators and countless others.

Seedburo Equipment Company’s extensive line of equipment can be found in the company’s catalog and its website at

Seedburo Equipment Company
2293 South Mt. Prospect Rd. Des Plaines, Illinois, U.S. 60018
Tel: 800.284.5779