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by World Grain Staff
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In March 2017, Satake and Alapala announced the rebirth of the Henry Simon range of flour milling equipment. From its inception in 1878, Henry Simon of Manchester, England, has been known as an innovator and a driving force that helped create the milling industry of today. This partnership incorporates the sharing of technology, sales capabilities and human resources for milling clients around the world.

The new Henry Simon range of equipment marketed and serviced by Satake Europe captures the original pioneering spirit combined with the ground-breaking design and aesthetics resulting from collective research and development from Japanese and European design hubs, Satake said.

Satake Europe also provides individual machines and turnkey plants for rice milling and optical color clients in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. New developments include modular rice mill systems featuring the latest whitening and polishing technology.

Satake recently released a comprehensive range of full color RGB and IR sorters capable of sorting grain up to 30 tonnes per hour.

Satake’s European base features a versatile test plant incorporating the latest color sorting and PeriTec debranning technology.


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