by World Grain Staff
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Symaga Silos
Symaga is a Spanish company specializing in the design, manufacture and supply of steel silos for storing seeds, cereals, malts, oilseeds, grains and pellets, and rice for the agriculture, agro-industry, biofuels and biomass industries. The company has more than 30 years of experience and over 15 milion m3 of storage space worldwide, ensuring the capacity to tackle any project.

Symaga supplies a wide range of silos, flat bottom up to 25,000 cubic meters and hopper silos, reaching 12 m. in diameter with 45 degrees hopper and 2,649 cubic meters capacity, completely galvanized and the double welded compression ring. Symaga provides Z600 gr/m² galvanization, and continues to invest in research and development, allowing it to develop new products such as ventilated cones and fully perforated floors, to meet customer needs.


Ctra. Arenas de San Juan, Km 2.300
13210 Villarta de San Juan - Spain
Tel: +34 926 64 04 75/ +34 91 726 43 04
Fax: +34 926 64 02 94 /+34 91 361 15 94
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