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SEA Srl, a market leader with over 40 years of experience in electronic sorting technology, recently introduced its latest generation of color sorters, “PIXEL,” which it dedicated to its more demanding clients.

SEA says the PIXEL’s innovative technology allows optimum cleaning of wheat, rice, seeds and similar grains. Through technical experience gained in processing a wide variety of commodities, coupled with continuous research and development.

The PIXEL sorters use a control system with high resolution CCD cameras, which incorporate the most advanced technology and   yet SEA notes they are simple to use.The PIXEL uses up to 10 cameras to ensure optimum resolution. The PIXEL is available in five models that are capable of handling from 0.5 to 35 tph. SEA says the PIXEL’s main electronic sorter characteristics are:

   • best sorting performances with minimum possible rejects;

   • high-Res CCD cameras (up to 0.1mm.);

   •dimensional check of the defect;

   • infra-red and ultraviolet rays;

   • pressurized and conditioned optical boxes;

   • optimized mechanics for high production capacities; and

   •interactive remote service.


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