Rüter Maschinenbau

by World Grain Staff
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Rüter Maschinenbau is a mechanical engineering firm in Germany. A highly skilled manufacturing workforce and an innovative design team has ensured Rüter’s reputation as a leading manufacturer for the milling industry.

Rüter’s highly efficient and compact plansifters of both single-box and cross-yoke types are capable of generating outputs of 200 kilograms per hour to 120 tonnes per hour for a variety of powdered products of 30 microns to 12 mm diameter.

The self-balancing cross-yoke plansifter design ensures minimum structural stress; its modular design allows it to be accommodated in tightly constrained spaces. Other leading-edge innovations include the light-weight aluminum sieve stack housing, the customizable sieve stack and the patented sieve cleaner. Furthermore, the plansifters are economical to install.


Rüter Maschinenbau
An der Kapelle 27 D-32479 Hille-Nordhemmern, Germany
Tel: 49.5703.52029.0 Fax: 49.5703.52029.29
E-mail:  RueterMaschinen@t-online.de