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REPCO, Salina, Kansas U.S., a division of McShares, Inc., has served the milling and baking industry for over 60 years with its manufactured food additives, including:

• vitamin and mineral premixes;
• flour oxidizing premixes;
• flour maturing premixes;
• flour bleach premixes;
• rice enrichment concentrates;
• cereal food enrichment concentrates;
• maize enrichment concentrates;
• macaroni/durum flour enrichment concentrates;
• ingredient feeders; and
• liquid chlorine dispensing systems. 

REPCO provides flour additive premixes, analytical lab services, a field service team and micro-ingredient dispensing systems.

The MicroFuser Model 202 feeder is REPCO's most versatile feeder. With stainless steel construction and contact parts (either stainless steel or FDA-approved poly vinyl), this feeder is ideal for food ingredient applications.

The flexible hopper is agitated externally with paddles. The kneading action of the paddles prevents bridging and maintains product flow. The only moving part inside the hopper is the helix, which reduces potential contamination and mechanical failure.

A Loss-in-Weight feature can be added to the feeder for batch or continuous operation. This includes a platform scale under the feeder and a Lossin-Weight scale controller with vibration filtering.

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