by World Grain Staff
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For over 40 years, REMBE has been a leader in the innovation and manufacture of high-quality combustible dust explosion protection products, precise weighing systems and pressure/vacuum relief products.

Explosion protection: As the inventor of flameless venting, REMBE specializes in explosion prevention/protection applications with a comprehensive portfolio: Q-Rohr and Q-Box indoor/outdoor venting systems, a complete line of explosion vent panels for standard and custom applications, and passive/active isolation systems such as EXKOP Valves Q-Flap Compact II/Plus and other devices for special applications.

Precise weighing: C-LEVER Direct bulk flow meter is a unique measurement system for free flowing bulk and solids which actually weighs. The C-LEVER Direct has been optimized to be an extremely reliable and precise measuring system for bulks and solids using a unique centrifugal force-based process. In addition to a high degree of accuracy, the system offers a low overall height for space-limited applications and minimizes installation time.

Process safety: The REMBE Rupture Disc product range is continuously evolving to provide new rupture disc designs using the latest technologies to meet advanced requirements. Customized applications are available.

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