Neuero Industrietechnik

by World Grain Staff
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NEUERO is specialized in design engineering and production of pneumatic and mechanical conveying equipment for bulk materials (grain, oilseeds, meals, etc.) in ship loading and unloading operations. Unloading capacities up to 1,200 tph and loading capacities up to 3,000 tph have already been delivered.

The company said it is always integrating the newest environmental friendly techniques for dust suppression, noise reduction, low power consumption, high efficiency, and safe, easy operation of the equipment.

NEUERO is constantly improving the design of the equipment it supplies. The most recent advancement is the introduction of the NEUERO KIKO ship loader design. The KIKO loader features the ability to position the loading head in the best possible position for filling the ship’s hold. The KIKO design eliminates the need for slingers or other dust creating solutions to be able to load material under the ships combing.

The KIKO loader features a special discharge loading head that will automatically open and close as required to maintain a full column of grain filling the hold. By eliminating the free fall of grain, the dust escaping into the atmosphere is also eliminated.

Neuero Industrietechnik
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