Muyang Holdings

by World Grain Staff
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During the last 50 years, Muyang has grown into a leading global machinery manufacturer and project service provider in the whole supply chain of agro-business. The company provides one-stop services including consultation, design, planning, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and follow-up upgrade in the fields of feed milling, animal farming, oilseed and food processing.
Its products cover agricultural machinery, grain storage and logistics, feed milling, animal farming, food, oilseed and biomass processing. More than 4% of the annual sales revenue is invested in R&D every year. Muyang has established research institutes in Asia, Europe and America. 

As a machinery manufacturer and project service provider in the agro-business, Muyang is the first grain and feed machinery manufacturer authorized by the China Ministry of Commerce and the secretariat of the National Feed Machinery Standardization Committee. Muyang has 20 marketing platforms, and nearly 50 subsidiaries and branches in the world.

Muyang Holdings
No. 1 Huasheng Road
Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China 225127
Tel: +86-514-87848880
Fax: +86-514-85826059