Mulmix Facco S.p.A.

by World Grain Staff
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Mulmix has been successfully working for more than 40 years in the agricultural and industrial field. Mulmix is an Italian company specializing in the production of storage plants, feed mill units and seeds selection lines. Experienced technicians carry out plans for installations, carefully studying them to satisfy all requirements. Mulmix said its flexibility allows it to build from small to industrial “turnkey” installations.

Mulmix manufactures and manages the production on its premises, or through selected suppliers who are compelled to follow Mulmix’s requirements of quality. Incoming and outgoing material is always checked to assure high standards and results.

Expert and professional teams and technicians are at customer’s disposal to supervise the installation operations. In order to fulfil customers’ needs, Mulmix opened a Call Center where customers can talk to technicians.


Mulmix Facco S.p.A.
Via Palladio, 7
Italy 35010 Campo San Martino 
Tel: 39.049.9638211 
Fax: 39.049.9630511