Breitenbach GmbH

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Since the founding of BREITENBACH in 1866, the company has developed into a modern, globally operating company offering a wide range of products and services in all fields of food and feed processing. In addition to the design, construction, optimization and refurbishment of rolls for all types of applications, BREITENBACH also offers contract machining services and consultancy in all matters around rolls.

The company produces chilled cast iron and grey cast iron using the static casting process. Horizontal centrifugal casting is used for smaller rolls. BREITENBACH also manufactures rolls from different forged steels and mild steels. With its qualified employees and state-of-the-art CNC machinery equipment, BREITENBACH manufactures and machines products that meet the highest requirements for surface quality as well as for form and dimensional accuracy. Rolls made by BREITENBACH are manufactured to match with customer’s demands. BREITENBACH invented and introduced to the market the self-surfacing grades for roller mill rolls. These grades offer indefinite chill depth, which results in nearly uniform hardness all over the cross section. Self-surfacing smooth rolls from BREITENBACH adapt automatically to the best suited roughness, due to their special material composition.


Leonhard Breitenbach GmbH
Walzenweg 60
D-57072 Siegen, Germany
Tel: +49 (271) 37 58-0 Fax: +49 (271) 37 58-290