LeMar Industries Corp. & Riley Equipment

by World Grain Staff
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LeMar Industries is an agricultural, as well as sand and gravel, design and manufacturing operation providing support towers, catwalks, temporary storage, transport conveyors, grain sweeps, bulk weighers, drive over conveyors, open belt conveyors, grain pickup service and super structures along with specialty fabricated equipment.

The LeMar family of companies also includes Riley Equipment, a Vincennes, Indiana, U.S., preferred designer and manufacturer of processing machinery and bulk material handling equipment for agriculture and a wide variety of markets. The extensive product line includes bucket elevators, chain drag conveyors (horizontal, inclined and vertical), bin unloads, screw conveyors and related accessories such as distributors, valves and discharge gates. Both companies specialize in designing and fabricating customized equipment to meet their customers’ very specific requirements.

In addition, LeMar operates Hall Industries, a Sheffield, Iowa, U.S.-based design and metal fabrication shop; Midwest Bearing, a leading bearing and power transmission aftermarket supply house; and Grain Reclaim, the fastest, most reliable grain pickup service, both based in Des Moines, Iowa, U.S.

LeMar Industries Corp.
& Riley Equipment
Des Moines, Iowa & Vincennes, Indiana, U.S.
Tel: 515.266.7264, 812.886.5500