Kay Jay Chill Rolls Pvt Ltd

by World Grain Staff
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Kay Jay Rolls

Kay Jay Chill Rolls has been supplying rolls for various industries since 1979. Kay Jay Rolls manufactures chilled cast iron rolls for flour mills, feed mills, oil mills and other industries. In 1999, the company started manufacturing roll grinding and fluting machines (used to grind and flute the rolls) and roll sand blasting machines (used to matte finish the rolls).

Kay Jay concentrates on research and development in the production of mill rolls. For flour mills, the company has KCCR, a special grade of rolls. They are available with different hardness ranges to suit and give best results to flour mills, depending on the application of the rolls. The company has recently developed a new grade KICR for break rolls (fluted rolls), which has a better and longer life. The company is producing all types of rolls and machines in a joint venture with Walzen Irle GmbH, in Germany.

Flour mill rolls include:

• For breaks: KCCR 520, KCCR 580 and the newly launched KICR 600 Ultra

• For reduction: KCCR 520, KCCR 460 Matt and KICR 420 Super Matt

KICR 600 Ultra grade of rolls was developed by the R&D department in Germany. After more than two years of testing, it is has been shown that the KICR 600 Ultra can increase groove life to up to 50%.

Kay Jay Chill Rolls Pvt Ltd
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