Hebei Pingle Flour Machinery Group Co., Ltd.

by Holly Demaree
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Hebei Pingle Flour Machinery Group Co
Hebei Pingle Flour Machinery Group Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer committed to the development, production, distribution, installation and testing of flour milling machines. Its main products include roller mills, square plansifters, purifiers, multi-story flour milling plants and steel structure flour milling plants. The company can provide stand-alone machines in the 9- to 1,000-tonne range that include grain pre-cleaners, grain cleaning equipment, flour milling machines, flour processing equipment, maize processing equipment and conveying equipment.

Turnkey flour milling plants are available ranging from 100 to 1,000 tonnes. The market for Pingle flour machinery covers almost all the main wheat planting areas in China, and products have also been exported to more than 32 countries, including Egypt, India, Ethiopia, Brazil and Australia.
Hebei Pingle Flour Machinery Group Co., Ltd.
Zhengding, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China
Tel: +86-311-88268111
Fax: +86-311-88268777
E-mail: pingle@pingle.cn
Internet: http://en.pingle.cn/