Genç Degirmen

by World Grain Staff
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Genç Degirmen, which has been working in the milling industry for 26 years and has more than 300 turnkey projects, has expanded its product range with GMach. The GMach brand will be the company’s global face. Genc Degirmen will produce special equipment for corn flour and corn semolina mills, animal feef faciltiies and wheat flour and wheat farina mills.

With intense R&D, GMach focuses on low energy consumption and high performance in all its products. GMach machines tools with low-operational cost and user-friendly solutions whose most prominent feature is special designed equipment that reduces maintenance costs and time losses.

In addition, GMach equips all installed production facilities with integrated control systems thus ensuring the monitoring and control of all input-output data.


Genç Degirmen Milling Machines Industry and Trade, Inc.
Asagı Pınarbası Mah. Ankara Cad. No:245
42250 Selçuklu / Konya / Turkey
Tel: (+90.332) 444 08 94
Mobile: (+90.554) 568 72 02
Fax: (+90.332) 444 08 95