by World Grain Staff
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For over 50 years, Gamajet has been supplying a “Better Way to Clean” all types of tanks and vessels. Gamajet said its rotary impingement cleaning method has become the first choice for many industries throughout the world, providing an unmatched level of durability and efficiency. We constantly strive to design innovative products that make our customers cleaning jobs faster, safer and less expensive. Gamajet said no other manufacturer invests the resources that we do to advance the technology of tank cleaning. Through this constant innovation and unsurpassed product knowledge, we have become a worldwide leader in tank cleaning technology.

All of Gamajet’s automated tanks cleaning machines are fluid-driven, utilizing our patented rotary impingement tank cleaning process. This method optimizes the cleaning fluid to produce a high impact cleaning jet that scours the entire tank in a repeatable and reliable 360° pattern, blasting residue and contaminants from the surface. Gamajet said its product line offers the most effective and efficient tank cleaning for every application, from 55 gallon drums to 200 foot fermentation tanks, even underground storage tanks with 2 inch openings. If you have a tank to clean, we have a way to do it!

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