F. H. Schule Muehlenbau GmbH

by World Grain Staff
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F.H. Schule has been well involved with the methods of cereal treatment for over 100 years. It has long-standing global specialist experience in the processing of cereals, rice and legumes. With its machines, plants and turn-key factories, the company said it provides product purity, high quality and modern processing methods for legumes, oilseeds, tea and spices. Plants include rice mills, parboiling plants, oat plants (breakfast cereals), sunflower seed plants, and plants for the food industry (extruder). Individual machines include: cleaning machines, dry stoners, weighers, shelling machines, shell separators, table separators, whitening machines, polishing machines, plansifters and indented cylinders.

F. H. SCHULE Mühlenbau GmbH
Dieselstraße 5-9 D- 21465 Reinbek / Hamburg
Tel: +49 (0)40 7 27 71 - 0 Fax: +49 (0)40 7 27 71 - 710
E-mail:  schule@amandus-kahl-group.de
Internet:  www.schulefood.de