by World Grain Staff
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Equichem International, Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois, U.S., produces custom-formulated and blended flour and bakery additives, vitamin and mineral premixes, and enzyme blends that support value-added product development goals of food manufacturers. By using custom blends, grain companies can produce small-scale runs of products and specialty niche product requirements that meet consumer demands and trends, including gluten-free and targeted vitamin-enriched products.

Equichem’s custom nutritional blends provide the means for various label claims such as “vitamin enriched,” “high in calcium,” “added antioxidants” and “added Vitamin D.” Equichem said its technical ability allows flexibility in working with both small- and large-scale projects that can be designed to fit outlined final product requirements and specifications. The company said food and beverage formulators and food scientists can work with ease knowing that it services a project continuously - from bench-top R&D to final product production.

510 Tower Blvd., Carol Stream, Illinois, U.S. 60188
Tel: 630.784.0432 Fax: 630.784.0436
E-mail: mail@equichem.com  Internet: www.equichem.com