Consergra S.L.

by World Grain Staff
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CONSERGRA, S.L. is a Spanish company established in 1969. The company’s main activity is the construction of special refrigeration and air conditioning units, mainly used for the preservation of grains, oilseeds and perishable granulated products. Other refrigerating and air conditioning units for different purposes are also produced according to customer needs.

Over the years, CONSERGRA has gained experience in grain conservation through cooling, even under the harshest conditions of the desert or tropics.

The company produces a variety of products including:

• grain chillers for grains and seeds;
• for laboratory use — moisture analyzers, highest accuracy;

• for process control, bypass version;

• for process control, flat sensor;

• instruments for bales and boxes, based on microwave transmission;

• portable analyzers;

• moisture and specific weight meter, capacitance technology based; and

• low cost, portable moisture meters.


Pol. Ind. Bufalvent
Pons i Enrich, 8 08243 Manresa (Barcelona, Spain)
Apartado Correos 180
08240 Manresa (Barcelona, Spain)
Tel: +34 938 772 207 Fax: +34 938 745 355