Carter Day International, Inc.

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Carter Day has been manufacturing processing equipment for over 100 years and during that time it has obtained application information involving almost all cereal grains and other free flowing granular materials.

Carter Day’s equipment design strategy focuses on adaptability and trouble-free operation. Today’s models require dramatically lower maintenance than those of less than a decade ago. The modular building block approach to construction allows the company to pre-build common components and assemble an order in weeks, not months.

Carter Day’s 36-inch Phat Boy Precision Sizer utilizes cyanide hardened Carter Day punched slot and round-hole screens. The Phat Boy Sizer is perfect for high-capacity grading/sifting and all scalping applications. When a flat deck screener is just stratifying product and thrus will not find the hole efficiently, try a precision sizer. It will be available soon in 33-inch diameter tribar material.

Carter Day International, Inc.
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