by World Grain Staff
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The 80-year-old French company CFCAI is a European leader in post-harvest technologies, ensuring optimum preservation and high-quality of the final products. CFCAI, is specialized in drying, cleaning, grading and conveying equipment for all types of grain (cereals, oleaginous, proteaginous, coffee and more).

CFCAI technologies are pooled around the trademarks LAW and SATIG for dryers, MAROT for cleaners, graders, process and DAGUET for conveying systems. They can be used with any type of grain. The design and production of all these devices are exclusively made in France.

CFCAI offers:

  • 80 years of innovation and improvement in the field of post harvesting technologies;
  • the ability to respond to any customers’ requirements;
  • reliable, long-lasting, secured and highly efficient equipment;
  • over 30 years of experience in the export business, thanks to the development of a worldwide network including 75 distributors;
  • worldwide experience with projects over five continents;
  • the capacity to use any type of energy for drying grains: gas, fuel oil, steam, coal and biomass; and
  • environment care, through energy saving, air protection and noise reduction.
More of 6,000 installations are running all over the world. Last innovation: automated dryer with biomass energy source.


Route de Montgérain BP 4 60420 Tricot, France
Tel: 33 (0)3 44 51 52 60
Fax: 33 (0)3 44 51 00 84