Brock Grain Systems

by World Grain Staff
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Brock Grain Systems is a leading manufacturer and marketer of grain storage, handling, conditioning and drying and structures systems for worldwide distribution. Brock’s new EVEREST E-Series line of stiffened grain storage silos offers some of the tallest silos with the highest grain-holding capacities available. The combination of the company’s M-SERIES and EVEREST silos offers Brock grain storage customers a broad variety of silo models to choose from, including single silo storage capacities up to 34,000 tonnes.

Also available are stiffened hopper-bottom silos storing up to 1,470 tonnes and enclosed belt conveyors moving up to 1,475 tph. The company’s line of commercial material handling systems such as the MAVERIK HTF (with single- and double-arm options) and MODEL ABC Silo Sweeps offer the ability to provide single-pass silo sweeps handling up to 460 tph.

The company also manufactures and markets aeration fans, temporary grain storage structures, silo access doors, drying and aeration floors, ladders, stairs, RILEY Bucket Elevators and Conveyors, LEMAR catwalks and towers as well as BROCK and MEYER ENERGY MISER and SUPERB ENERGY MISER grain dryers.

Brock Grain Systems is a part of the CTB, Inc. family of companies.


Brock Grain Systems
611 North Higbee Street
P.O. Box 2000
Milford, Indiana, U.S. 46542
Tel: 1.574.658.4191
Fax: 1.574.658.4133