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Brabender GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1923 as Brabender Elektromaschinen GmbH by Carl Wilhelm Brabender. Today, the Brabender group, which has generated a steady growth in recent years, employs about 400 people and has a presence in over 116 countries with 80 distributors.

As a leading supplier for the food and chemical industries worldwide, Brabender develops, manufactures and distributes instruments and equipment for the testing of material quality and physical properties in all areas of research, development and production. In the food area, Brabender offers a broad range of instruments for sample preparation and quality control, especially for the milling and baking industry.

It is famous for its three-phase system, consisting of three standard instruments worldwide for measuring the product quality of flour and dough – Farinograph, Extensograph and Amylograph. With its most recent innovation, the Brabender GlutoPeak, the company offers a rapid method to measure the aggregation behavior of the gluten and glutenin proteins in a sample, for the purposes of describing their baking properties. Development and production are highly integrated at Brabender. The research, development and production of the instruments take place exclusively in Germany.



Brabender GmbH & Co. KG
Kulturstr. 51-55, 47055 Duisburg, Germany
Tel: 49 203 7788-150