Advanced Sorting Machine

by World Grain Staff
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ASM (Advanced Sorting Machines) has more than 30 years of experience in the sector of optical-electronic sorters and has a foothold in the market as a benchmark for the sector. The experience of the founding members (Engineer Giovannini and Dr. Mantovani) together with the highly qualified technical staff have allowed for the development and production of a new series of high-tech and state-of-the-art sorting machines.

The territory in which the company was born and grew up (Bologna, Italy) has one of the largest Italian agro-industrial traditions and was the ideal background for the development of a dynamic avant-garde company. ASM operates in contact with the scientific and university world and is able to translate its vast experience and technical/scientific know-how into technological applications with a high innovative content, both in the optical-electronic sorting and the food safety sectors.

The vast experience gained in Italy and abroad within the scope of sorting more than 100 products offers a guarantee of sorting quality and results and allows for the best technical-financial solution.

Finally, the ASM business philosophy strongly geared towards customer satisfaction guarantees fast and efficient service throughout the various stages: product tests, offer formulation, machine supply and after-sales service.

Advanced Sorting Machine (ASM)
Via del Lavoro 10/12 
40050 - Argelato 
Bologna, Italy
Tel: 39.051.6630419
Fax: 39.051.897386