AKY Technology

by World Grain Staff
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AKY Technology

AKY Technology manufactures processing systems for grains, pulses, seeds and oilseeds, from harvest to packaging. It also supplies spare parts and provides installation. Its machines are used to purify the product from foreign substances such as dust, dirt and stones. Imperfect products are sorted with AKY Technology’s machines.

Machines are classified as mechanical or computer controlled. In addition, cleaning machines may be made compatible with the desired product and have different capacities.

AKY’s TRUVA screen cleaner offers a solution for products that are difficult to purify. Product entering the machine passes through a distributor and is spread on a hopper. Undesired dust and light granules pass through two suction channels to be removed from the product. Air suction aspirator motors and air channel pressure actuators are controlled by a PLC system and a touch panel.

Product passes through sieves to be separated into sizes and the final product enters into gravity separator channels.

AKY Technology
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