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AIRLANCO is a manufacturer of air management systems. Its products can help eliminate pollutants and ensure a clean work environment with dust collection, filtration and aeration equipment — all manufactured to help meet OSHA, EPA, and other clean-air guidelines.

AIRLANCO engineers evaluate each customer’s air pollution problems on an individual basis to recommend equipment that is right for the job. Industries served include wood, grain, food, feed, cement, mining, chemicals and more. In addition, AIRLANCO is a leading name in aeration — manufacturers of dependable centrifugal and axial fans, ducting, transitions and other sheet metal and aeration products. They are custom built for each installation, from farm storage to major terminals and more for optimum storage conditions.

The AIRLANCO AIRAUGER is a dual-purpose system excelling at both aeration and unloading grain storage facilities. AIRAUGER systems efficiently empty product that would otherwise bridge or get hung up in the storage unit. Fans, controls and all serviceable components are mounted outside the storage bin for safety, eliminating the need to enter the storage facility.

P.O. Box 398
Falls City, Nebraska, U.S. 68355
Tel: 1.402.245.2325