Technical Papers

Considerations when planning a bagging system
Configuring a bagging line for a milling operation depends on various factors
Saudi Arabia craving sweet products
Market for baked goods such as pound cake, brownies and doughnuts is growing significantly
Demanding the best
South African consumers acquire a taste for premium-quality sandwich loaves
Enhancing Cozonac
Sweet bread quality can be improved with EMCgluten Enhancer
Maintaining grooves in rolls
Inefficient grooves have a negative impact on flour mill productivity
Sustainable and profitable rice processing
High capacity throughput and low energy usage drive recent innovations
New color sorting technology
PETKUS introduces the ROEBER OptoSelector which recognizes good material and rejects the rest
Selecting the right ship unloading system
Mechanical and pneumatic unloaders each have advantages that must be considered
Meeting quality parameters
Communication is crucial between flour mill and industrial customers
Myths and realities of unloading grains
Weighing the pros and cons of mechanical and pneumatic continuous ship unloaders
Aflatoxin a growing concern
Solutions for reducing the carcinogenic aflatoxin is of great value to the grain industry
Online sensor technology
New NIR analyzer provides seamless analysis and traceability for millers
Generating higher value by extrusion
Process is particularly suited to the modification of wheat flour
Latest sifting technology
Millers are demanding sifters with higher processing capacities as well as improved sanitation features
Improved feed safety
A new dimension in the production of hygienized feed meal
Automation upgrade
Silo AG Wil gets ready to face the future with new technical equipment inside
Improved feed safety
A new dimension in the production of hygienized feed meal
Predicting performance of flour blends
doughLAB is a relatively new tool for assessing quality and processing characteristics
Clearly identified and documented
Traceability module helps food and grain processing industries meet quality and sanitation requirements
Dough testing for pasta quality
doughLAB enables manufacturers to select correct processing conditions for producing the best pasta
Scale maintenance
Comprehensive performance checks and calibration tests on a regular basis are recommended
Spark detection and extinguishment
Sensors are critical in preventing fire and explosions in flour and feed mills
Evolving feed value chain requirements
Process engineer providers help millers find ways to increase product safety while decreasing operational costs
Crop shortfall cover
A method for managing production volatility for agribusiness investments
A breakthrough in rice fortification
NutriRice process addresses the problem of ‘hidden hunger’