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Efficient handling, drying and processing are among the most important strengths of Schmidt-Seeger GmbH. Based on the strategic combination of machine and plant engineering, products made by Schmidt-Seeger have gained good standing in the global market.This level of customer acceptance and the inherent confidence in its range of products and services are proof of Schmidt-Seeger’s product and service quality.

Schmidt-Seeger notes that for 80 years it has been a reputable name in the development, design and production of cleaning and grading machines. Throughout the decades, the company says it has made a significant impact on the technical standards of these systems. When it comes to harvest crop intake systems,   as well as pre-cleaning and main-cleaning systems for cereal grains, maize, oilseeds, legumes, malt, rice, coffee and soybeans, a wide range of users are relying on technology made by Schmidt-Seeger.  


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