DeutscheBack extends gluten free product line

by World Grain Staff
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AHRENSBURG, GERMANY — DeutscheBack GmbH & Co. KG, a member of the independent, owner-managed Stern-Wywiol Gruppe in Hamburg, Germany, has extended its product ranges for gluten-free bread and pastry goods. 

The new products TopBake Rice Bread QSD, Fresh 60 and WA Pure give bread based on rice flour a more intensive flavor, a darker and more bread-like crumb and greater freshness and succulence. That allows manufacturers of bakery products a wider choice of raw materials for creating a diversity of quality gluten-free specialties. 

The number of people who no longer consume foods containing gluten is increasing all the time. About 10% of the world’s population are potential buyers of gluten-free products for health or lifestyle reasons. The bakery products for this clientele are made from gluten-free grain types such as maize, rice, millet and buckwheat or the pseudo cereals amaranth and quinoa. 

DeutscheBack has developed the series TopBake Rice and TopSweet Rice in order to achieve optimum results from baking with gluten-free raw materials. The wide selection of functional systems is based mainly on hydrocolloids, dietary fibers, enzymes and rice flour and starch and includes both single ingredients and premixes or ready-mixed flours for bread and pastry goods. 

The TopBake Rice Bread series is available as a 100% ready-mixed flour and as a 50% premix. Roasted seeds give the products a flavor typical of bread. In the production of allergen-free TopBake Rice Bread AF, care is taken to avoid the use of all known allergens. The range has now been complemented by the development of TopBake Rice Bread QSD. The use of gluten-free sour dough gives the allergen-free products an intensive flavour and a darker crumb more typical of bread. The 50% premixes can be combined with other gluten-free flours.

In order to optimize existing recipes in respect of shelf-life and succulence, two new products have been developed for the gluten-free range: TopBake Fresh 60 (Rice) is an enzyme system that delays aging of the crumb. With its excellent water-binding capacity, TopBake WA Pure (Rice) ensures a moister crumb.

For pastry goods, TopSweet Cake Mix Rice is available as a universal premix for Madeira cake, shortcake biscuits, doughnuts or wafers. TopSweet Sponge Cake Rice was developed specially for sponge flan or gateau bases. It already contains baking powder, emulsifiers, flavorings and sugar, which means that no other gluten-free raw materials have to be purchased and stored. That greatly reduces the cost of raw material analyses and logistics, since all the products in the series are guaranteed to contain less than 20 ppm of gluten.