TORNUM to supply dryers in Ukraine

by World Grain Staff
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KVANUM, SWEDEN — TORNUM AB said it recently received an order for two continuous mixed flow dryers type TK-12-28-4 from a customer in Ukraine.

“Our customer has in the past bought several dryers from TORNUM. It is such a great pleasure when our customers repeatedly show their confidence in our technology,” said Per Larsson, managing director of TORNUM AB. “The two new dryers will be used to further increase the drying capacity needed to take care of the production of corn, wheat, barley, soy, sunflower and rapeseed produced on the more than 300,000 hectares of land currently cultivated.”

The TK12-28-4 dryers to be delivered to Ukraine are from the new series of dryers launched by TORNUM during the Agritechnica show, Hannover, Germany, in November 2013. 

“We are constantly improving our range of equipment to ensure we live up to the market's increasing demands regarding quality, profitability and environmental aspects,” Larsson said. “With the new continues mixed flow dryers, TORNUM offers the agricultural industry new levels of performance and capacity.”

Holding capacity of a TK12-28-4 dryer is 283 m³. Drying capacity is in excess of 80 tph drying corn from 30% to 15% using a natural gas burner with a capacity of 15,000 kW.  

TORNUM AB develops, produces and sells products and systems for modern grain handling. The company's products include grain dryers, storage silos, grain coolers, conveying equipment, fans and complete elevators.