Ocrim implements the Build the Mill system

by World Grain Staff
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CREMONA, ITALY — Ocrim SpA has utilized its vast experience of producing “turnkey formula” projects it has designed to create the “Build the Mill” system. Ocrim designed the system to reduce error risks and the time it takes to build and commission installations. 
Ocrim said the chromatic element is an important “key” of this service. Ocrim assigns a specific color to each floor (both during the design phase and just pragmatically) and then each machine, device or other type of material of that floor is marked with the same color.
When the materials arrive into the plant site they are stored and classified according to the color and then they are positioned onto the corresponding floor. This system simplifies the materials storage when the crates arrive and improves works organization. The system is equipped with a GPS geolocator that exactly locates where a crate or even a single component is at that moment. As a result, the time for the materials research is significantly reduced. 
Together with the Build the Mill system, Ocrim has developed software that automatically identifies the exact position of any component or machine on the floor, and it also gives further information about them for a correct and efficient positioning and installation. This is a remote control system. With a simple Internet connection, the software system automatically connects with Ocrim’s central server, downloading immediately all the operations carried out. This allows Ocrim, from its headquarters in Cremona, Italy, to control the operations and monitor the building of the milling facility to react to each possible problem and solve it quickly and efficiently.
Ocrim said the Build the Mill system guarantees maximum functionality and optimization of investment costs while building the plant on time.