Fundiciones Balaguer building facility in Poland

by World Grain Staff
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OSTROW WIELKOPOLSKI, POLAND — Balaguer East Europe, a subsidiary of Fundiciones Balaguer, broke ground Dec. 20 on a new service facility in Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland

In 2010, the company established a pilot project to test the idea of creating subsidiaries in Central Europe and the selected country was Poland. The aim of the project was to test customer interest in the modern center and directly reach out to roll users. 

Ostrów Wielkopolski is located in the center of Europe and has qualified staff with experience in machining. The city is also the perfect point of contact for manufacturers and target customers. The project was welcomed by the local authorities. They actively participated in the development of the Polish company, providing assistance in obtaining permits for business activities and building permits. The mayor granted exemptions from taxes, thus helping the launch of the company.

After completing and training staff in Fundiciones Balaguer in Spain, production facilities were leased in Ostrów Wielkopolski for a trial period. 

The plant was equipped with modern equipment for regeneration of rolls: grinders, CNC groovers, sandblasting machines and a CNC balancer. As part of the regeneration services, all rolls are subjected to a dynamic balance control, and if necessary, appropriate adjustments are made.

The roll regeneration services for grinding and matting are performed up to the diameter of 630 mm and a length of 3,000 mm, and for grooving in the diameter range of 450 mm and a length of 2,000 mm. All services are performed on CNC equipment by trained and experienced staff with an accuracy of up to 0.01 mm.

The plant also repairs damaged rolls, including replacement of roll necks. It also provides the gravitational transport systems based on products of the German company KMH, including installation, rolls exchange services, gears for roller mills, crushers, spare parts, maintenance and technological projects (aspiration lines, pneumatic and gravity transportation).

After three years, the project proved to be an excellent idea, hence the decision was made to build its own service center.