Mühlenchemie introduces enzyme complexes

by World Grain Staff
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AHRENSBURG, GERMANY —  At Food Ingredients Europe 2013 (Stand 8H30), Mühlenchemie GmbH & Co. KG will present new enzyme compositions as active ingredients for the milling and baking industries. 
The all-rounders ensure greater efficiency of the processes, thus increasing profitability, and compensate for deficiencies in the raw materials. Pastazym Plus, for example, enhances the quality of noodles, whatever the quality of the wheat used. EMCEbest WA Pure is an effective substitute for guar gum for increasing water absorption. The product line EMCEgluten Enhancer strengthens the effect of the wheat gluten naturally present in the flour. In this way, excellent baked goods can be produced with less added vital gluten, or none at all. 
The enzyme compounds of the Pastazym Plus series enable pasta and noodle manufacturers to keep their raw material costs down by using less expensive wheat varieties. Its wide range of applications makes Pastazym a real all-rounder, for this economical and nevertheless quality solution can be used with pasta made from hard or soft wheat or mixtures of the two. 
It optimizes bite and stickiness, so that even soft wheat noodles have genuine “al dente” properties when Pastazym Plus is used. Furthermore, better tolerance to long cooking times can be achieved, and the use of Pastazym also increases the mechanical stability of the dried noodles. The variants Pastazym Plus COL and Pastazym CRF Plus, with added turmeric, have a warm yellow color similar to that of classic durum pasta. Riboflavin (vitamin B2) and folic acid (vitamin B9) make it possible to advertise the vitamin content. Pastazym CRFA Plus also contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C). That means a portion of noodles can provide the recommended daily allowance of vitamins.
As an alternative to guar gum powder, Mühlenchemie offers EMCEbest WA Pure to ensure stability, high yield, freshness and economy in industrial production. Depending on the recipe, the addition of one percent EMCEbest WA Pure (flour base) makes it possible add to six to ten percent more water than without the use of additives. Nevertheless, the doughs process well without becoming sticky. The crumb has a very even texture, and the Texture Analyser shows it to have greater softness and elasticity. And finally, products made with EMCEbest WA Pure have up to 4% more volume than those containing guar gum powder.
The new flour improvers in the EMCEgluten Enhancer series, based on special enzymes and vegetable fibers, compensate for raw material deficiencies in the flour and ensure excellent baked products even when low-gluten or non-bread flours are used. The use of EMCEgluten Enhancer also increases water absorption, optimizes the stability of the dough and enhances the structure of the crumb. In many cases it is possible to do without the addition of expensive vital wheat gluten altogether. If larger amounts of gluten are necessary nevertheless, it is possible to replace 1/10 of the gluten without spoiling the quality of the baked goods.