Premier Tech supplies bagging weighers to Surya Foods

by World Grain Staff
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NOTTINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM — Premier Tech Chronos has recently completed the commissioning of the second of the two high speed E-SERIES Nett weigher E25 NXT it has supplied to Surya Foods.

Premier Tech Chronos has been a long-term supplier to Surya Foods, who is a major international manufacturer and distributer of authentic, ethnic food lines, which it supplies to several market-leading names in the foods sector. Its high quality product lines include rice, flour, spices, sauces, snacks and savories that are sold in over 30 countries worldwide.

The new high speed gravity fed nett bagging weigher is a repeat order of a previously supplied system and is positioned above a form, fill and seal packing system. Both E-SERIES Nett weighers E25 NXT have been optimized to deliver precision weighments of rice at speeds of up to 20 bags per minute; across a range of weighment sizes from 5 to 20kg. 

Precision control of the weighers is provided by the latest version of the SpeedAC NXT weighing controller, which optimizes the weighing operation with proven weighing software and material in flight control algorithms.

These two new weighing systems are the latest in a series of systems that Premier Tech Chronos has supplied to the Surya Foods facility in Harwich, Essex, England.