Global launches initiative to prevent grain entrapment

by World Grain Staff
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GRAND ISLAND, NEBRASKA, U.S. — Global Industries, Inc., parent company of the MFS line of grain storage bins, recently introduced measures to prevent the possibility of becoming entrapped inside a grain bin.  

“Global Industries has been a strong supporter of the grain bin entrapment safety initiative. Safety of our employees and users of our products are very important to us,” said Dr. Volkan Kebeli, vice-president of engineering for their group of companies.  “As part of our proactive approach, we have developed and designed fall restraint anchor points for our grain bins.”

The anchor points include a specially designed and manufactured bracket and U-bolt attachment. Each bin has two anchor points — one in the peak area of the roof and one on the sidewall at the eave. A life line can be attached to both locations, which in return, would allow safe movement around the circumference of the bin as well.

Each anchor point is designed to support a maximum load of 2,000 pounds. 

“Furthermore, we provide those anchor points on both farm and commercial MFS bins as ‘standard and free of charge,’” said Kebeli. “They are included in the bin packages without any additional cost to our customers. Likewise, we provide safety decals in for the roof man-way lid and indicator decals for the anchor points.”