Ocrim expands workshop area by 30%

by World Grain Staff
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CREMONA, ITALY — Ocrim announced recently plans to increase its manufacturing and logistic floor space in its Cremona, Italy port area. 

Within this year, the facility will be increased by 30%, with additional expansions planned in future years, Ocrim said.

The port area site (both the part which is being expanded as well as the renovated one) includes the following important workshops:   

•           Rolls workshop: Includes two new generation fluting machines. Here Ocrim carries out all operations, from making the pins to grinding and fluting;

•           Machining workshop: Includes two machining centers to machine fixed and mobile supports for the roller mills, a boring machine which machines the basements of roller mills, fluting machines and plansifters, and four lathes (of which one of them is completely robotized) for all milling and turning operations.       
Each operation is realized by new generation machines and carefully controlled by highly skilled workers who carry out specific quality controls in order to guarantee quality parts and reliable products, Ocrim said.