CBH, FOSS develop new grain analyzer

by World Grain Staff
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WEST PERTH, AUSTRALIA — The CBH Group will pilot a new grain analysis unit for the 2013-14 season at seven sites in the Geraldton and Kwinana zones.

CBH Group Grain Quality Manager Mat Regan said that CBH have been working with FOSS for the past eight years to jointly develop the new EyeFoss image analysis instrument, which is now at a stage where it can be used as a grading tool to remove many subjective quality tests.

“The EyeFoss has been specifically designed to remove the subjectivity from wheat and barley visual quality assessments such as sprouted grain, weed seeds, un-millable material and grain defects. Where the Infratec can provide measured results on protein and moisture, the EyeFoss is able to provide results on the visual tests that are normally determined by the naked eye,” he said. “The sampling analysis takes approximately four minutes and the EyeFoss will sit alongside the Infratec to provide a streamlined grading process at the site during harvest receivals.”

During the pilot program CBH will monitor the performance of the EyeFoss to ensure its accuracy, and have appropriate support in place for staff and growers.

“This is a revolutionary step in providing innovative technological solutions on grain analysis to improve sampling processes, which will provide benefits to growers and customers,” he said. “If the pilot is successful, CBH will engage with FOSS to roll out further implementation of EyeFoss instruments for future harvests.”