Engrain launches enzyme blends to extend shelf life

by World Grain Staff
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MANHATTAN, KANSAS, U.S. — To aid bakers in extending the shelf life of packaged breads and other bread-based products, Engrain announced on March 1 that it has developed cereZESL and cereZ SOFT product lines, available for purchase through Research Products in the U.S. When it comes to the shelf life of bread, there are many factors which influence a consumer’s perception of the freshness of packaged sandwich bread. Two of the most critical factors which determine the freshness are softness of the bread and whether or not the bread has remained free of mold growth, Engrain said.
Large commercial bakeries in North America formulate their packaged breads with ingredients that address these two important consumer issues. Mold growth is controlled or prevented very easily with preservatives, but it is sometimes more challenging to keep bread soft and prevent the perception of staling over time.
Engrain’s cereZ ESL and cereZ SOFT lines of products are specialized blends of enzymes to reduce the staling effect in packaged breads, Engrain said. These blends transform how the bread ages, keeping it soft in the store and in the consumer’s home long after traditional products have begun to stale. Bakers are reporting that their packaged breads feel fresh for up to two weeks or more because of this new enzyme technology, the company said.