Tornum introduces new dryer technology

by World Grain Staff
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KVANUM, SWEDEN — Tornum recently announced that is has introduced Tornum IDC, a new intelligent dryer control system and high capacity grain dryers.

The IDC offers precise control throughout the drying process, utilizing real-time in-line monitoring of all drying parameters, including graphic presentation of important information, statistics and alarm functions, Tornum said.

A user-friendly interface allows the operator to communicate with the dryer via a PC, a smartphone or a tablet.

“The flexibility of our IDC software can handle any type of grain as well oil seeds and paddy rice under all kinds of climatic conditions, which guarantees a quality end product that will command a high price on the market,” said Per Larsson, managing director. 

Tornum also launched a new line of BIG dryers, offering a drying capacity of more than 300 tonnes per hour thanks to new, patent pending technology.

At full power, the BIG dryer can remove in excess of 20 tonnes of water per hour. The new BIG dryers are not just big in terms of capacity. The physical size is also large — up to 16 meters wide and 25 meters high, three times larger than Tornum’s current largest dryers. 

This also results in an increased holding capacity of up to 540 cubic meters, or more than eight truckloads of grain. The BIG dryers can be used with any type of grain and can be supplied with Tornum’s highly efficient Clean Air Control fans, Larsson said. 

More detailed information on both products will be available at the Agritechnica 2013 show in Hannover, Germany, on Nov. 10-16.