Pavan offers course on snack pellets, pasta

by World Grain Staff
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GALLIERA VENETA, ITALY — This fall, the Pavan Group offered training aimed at improving the skills of factory managers, production managers, R&D managers, quality control managers and technical production managers from Italy and around the world.

The course, held Oct. 14-18, on the production technology of dry pasta had 20 students. Pavan said the course provided a training experience made up of lessons in science and technology and practical experience with trials and sensory tests at a laboratory.

The theoretical training was provided by presenters and experts from the academic world and Pavan Group process engineers. Presenters included Dr. Maria Grazia D’Egidio, from the Agricultural Research and Experimentation Council of Rome, Dr. Donatella Peressini, from the Department of Alimentation at the University of Udine, Professor Bruno de Cincio from the Department of Modelling for Engineering at the University of Calabria and Professor Luciano Piegiovanni from DEFENS at the University of Milan. 

Pavan also sponsored a training course on the production of snack pellets Sept. 17-20. 

As always, the focus point for FoodTech Master by the Pavan Group is the ability to involve students and to lend itself as a tool through which the possibilities of forming relationships and creating networks that will go beyond the school experience and will be useful for every journey.